The Life Currency is a 24/7 conversation dedicated to helping students, young professionals, and young entrepreneurs navigate life in their 20s.


TLC is an education based media company focused on bringing color, creativity and community to the young woman working to develop life and professional skills in her 20s. Our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire in a way that’s fun and relatable.

HOW It all starteD

Three years ago, media executive, mentor and millennial strategist Whitney Mari saw there was a huge problem with the next generation of leaders in the workforce. This new class of young professionals, entrepreneurs, and college graduates were unprepared for the very real realities of what it took to succeed as a young adult in a professional world.

Quickly realizing that the existing channels and resources for young professionals either lacked relevant content, diversity or creativity, The Life Currency was born.

With a goal to create community and mentorship through honest and relatable content, The Life Currency is a 24/7 conversation about navigating your professional life in your 20s. TLC was created to have authentic dialogue about the real topics that only life can teach.


CHANGEMAKERS looking to change their personal and professional lives by connecting with like-minded women all over.

DREAMCHASERS who need the skills and motivation to create the businesses of the future.

HUSTLERS taking charge and making a name for themselves in the industry of their choice.