How can I become a writer or contributor for The Life Currency? 

We’re always looking for new writers and pitches that understand our vision. If you have a great idea please send an email to with your writing samples and/or pitch. 

I’m interested in advertising opportunities on the site and your social media channels. What should I do? 

That’s awesome. We love to collaborate with different brands that share our similar goals and mission. Please send a pitch to and we’ll get back to you if there’s a fit! 

Where are you based? 

Most of us are in New York City but we reside all over! 

Are you hiring?

We’re always, always, always accepting applications. Check out our careers page on the site or send an email to with your resume and cover letter. 

Is The Life Currency only for women?

The Life Currency has a focus on women but we don’t exclude men by any means. You will catch us doing features and masterclasses with men all the time. We’d love to see more men in our community and events as well!