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Why Celebrating Your Wins Is Important

Do you remember how you felt when you received your first job offer from a company you’ve been wanting to work for? Some of us celebrated with dinner and others might’ve enjoy a nice glass of brew. Despite how we decide to treat ourselves, no job celebration can top what Benita Abraham did for herself when she was offered her dream job in health administration.

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How To Deal With Insensitive Managers

Imagine walking into your weekly meeting with senior management as a comment is thrown around in poor taste only to find that you’re the only one who felt the sting of the insensitive remark. Laughter rings through your ear as you wonder why no one else found the joke inappropriate. Situations like this can happen often in the workplace and you may be conflicted on whether to continue to be silent or to address the problem. Who do you turn to when you feel uncomfortable at work? Do you speak up and let your manager know that they’ve offended you? Do you make mention of it to HR? Not sure? Here’s what to do.

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The Importance Of Having An Ambitious Partner

Social media is overrun with #RelationshipGoals posts and ambitious girls posting pictures of their #DreamBae. But when you’re a girl boss, there’s a misconception that having a significant other may distract you from your goals and you may not be focused enough to get to where you want to be.

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