5 Effective Ways to Follow Up With a Recruiter

5 Effective Ways to Follow Up With a Recruiter

By Khadejah Stegall

Khadejah is a part of the TLC College Ambassador Program and attends North Carolina A&T University.

You prepared for your career fair and nailed the first impression with a recruiter that told you to follow up, but you aren’t getting any replies. Recruiters are busy and receive tons of emails after a career fair. Remember that every recruiter is human and it’s important to give them a reasonable time to get back with you. Here are 5 ways to effectively follow up with a recruiter to ensure you get a response from them.

1. Send An Email And Include A Unique Moment

This isn’t just a regular email like other follow up emails. Did you have a special connection with the recruiter or anything in common? For example, if the recruiter you talked to really liked your blazer, maybe you could include a link to the blazer that you had on and tell her where you got it from. In addition, include how you were thankful to meet her and wanted to inquire about next steps regarding the position you applied for. However you and the recruiter connected, be sure to mention via email so that you are remembered.

2. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to follow up with a recruiter. The recruiter’s LinkedIn is not as busy as their email so they are more likely to respond back to you. A recruiter can also match a name with a face and most of the time that can’t be done through email.

3. Mail A Thank You Card

If you really want to stand out, try sending a thank you card to a recruiter. Thank you cards are classic and many people do not take out the time to do them so you will stand out. Include your contact information and send a follow up email just in case the recruiter is traveling and not able to see your thank you card immediately.

4. Email During Off-Peak Hours

If you email during business hours, he or she are most likely not going to respond because they are prioritizing what they respond to and you are not in their current network. According to Forbes, if you send notes earlier in the morning or later at night, your odds of getting a response go from about one in three to almost one in two. The data Customer.io uses shows marketing emails have their highest rates of opens and engagement (clicks and transactions) between 8:00 PM and 12:00 AM. Send your email at the beginning or just before the time frame to increase getting a response. If you are an early bird, use tools like Boomerang to schedule your message in advance.

5. Write a Short Well-Structured Email

If your follow up email is too long, you may not receive a response because it’s too overwhelming for anyone to respond. Write an email that is straight to the point and make sure you are emailing a recruiter with a purpose. If you don’t know where to start, hubspot has great templates that can help you create the perfect follow up email.

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