Why You Should Always Follow Your Heart


By Marissa Marshall

How many times have we done something for other people and not for ourselves? I know I have and I was miserable in doing so. Now this is not in terms of helping others,, but in regards to living someone else's dream for you and not your own.

I grew up being a great soccer player, and even got college offers for the sport. Everyone, including myself, thought that soccer was going to be something I did for forever, and at least throughout college. But in my junior year of high school, after ten years of playing the sport, I grew disconnected from it and wasn’t happy playing anymore. I felt it was time to move on. When I brought this up to my family and coaches, everyone told me I was being crazy and was sort of mad at me for feeling this way and because of this, I remained engaged in the sport. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, so I went through with it. I played my junior and senior year of high school and freshman year in college on a scholarship. Throughout that time, I was miserable. My entire persona changed because I was angry and I didn't want to be on that field.

So after the season in my freshman year of college, I decided to stop. No matter how bad I disappointed others, I had to do it for me. I realized that this is my life and I had bigger plans and dreams for myself beyond the soccer field. It was time to close the chapter, and so I did.

A lot of times we live our lives in search of pleasing others, and forgetting to look at if we are happy. Are you doing the things you're doing for you, or for others? Are you happy? It’s important that you are. It’s important to do things that make you feel good. Women in particular have a tendency of living our lives for other people and forgetting to take into account our own happiness. College is especially a time where we want to make our parents proud, and while that’s fine, don’t forget yourself in the process. You only have one life to live so do what’s right for you and follow your dreams.

Soccer wasn’t something for me anymore. After twelve years, I let it go to pursue my career dream of working in the sports world and creating better opportunities for women in sports. The moment I did that, back in 2015, was the moment I became more full and happy. An entire shift happened within me because I disconnected away from something that was weighing down. I stood face to face with the fact that sometimes you’ll disappoint people in search of your own happiness, and that’s OK. It’s better to do what’s best for you, especially while you’re young.  We are all finding ourselves, in search of what we want to do and where we want to be. There’s no point in being unhappy in such a transitional phase in our lives. Happiness is just as essential as doing what’s right for you and following your heart!