Breaking into Your Year of Yes


By Alicia Harris

So many times throughout life we let the overwhelming sensation of fear, doubt and anxiety take the driver’s seat and steer us away from our destiny. The fear of failure can keep you from reaching your greatest potential. Saying “yes” to an opportunity that requires you to stretch and grow can sometimes feel like a burden too heavy to carry. By finding comfort in “no,” we often reject some of life’s greatest gifts. These gifts often come disguised as an opportunity to step up at work, to speak in front of a large crowd, or any situation that requires you to abandon the familiarity of your comfort zone. With 2017 officially over, it’s time to leave behind the paralyzing effects of fear and apprehension and dive deep into your purpose. Here are five reasons to live fully and commit to making 2018 your year of yes!

1. “No” Blocks Your Miracle

Saying “no” distances you from your purpose. It keeps a tight grip on you and your dreams and blocks every miracle that is chasing you down. It makes you feel at peace with being mediocre and subsides the feeling of inadequacy with commonality. You have to trust that every dream and goal you have is possible. By shying away from opportunity, you subconsciously diminish your dreams and prevent yourself from experiencing your breakthrough.

2. Sometimes You Only Get One Shot

Opportunity is never guaranteed. Sometimes it takes being in the right place, at the right time, in front of the right people to get the chance to shine. When deciding on whether to take the risk and seize the moment, always assume that this is the only moment you will have. The feeling of wondering “what if” is sometimes the biggest regret of all.

3. “Yes” Opens Doors

“No” closes more doors than “yes” ever will. The space outside of your comfort zone is where all the fun happens. Sometimes reveling in the chaos will provide a downpour of additional opportunities that you never saw coming. You may have learned about the domino effect in high school – the cumulative effect produced when one act or event sets off a chain of similar reactions. Sometimes all it takes is one step of faith in order to set off a chain of opportunities that will launch you into your destiny.

4. Someone Believes You Can

To have the option of saying yes, someone believes that you can conquer whatever it is you are up against. Sometimes those around us can see our potential more clearly than we do. During the moments when your courage and confidence is lacking, harness the confidence that others have in you to fight to the finish.

5. Because Why Not?

Really, what’s the worst that could happen? Saying “yes” not only offers you the opportunity to grow but it also uncovers your likes and dislikes. Regardless of the outcome, you will learn more about yourself by taking the courage to get in the game than you ever will by sitting quietly on the sidelines. By inviting yes into our lives, we provide ourselves the opportunity to learn just how far we can go. The next time you’re faced with making the decision between yes and no, ask yourself “why not?”. You might find that yes is your only option.

Allow yourself to live fully, love fiercely and soak up all of the life-changing opportunities that the new year has to offer!

Alicia Harris is a blogger, motivational speaker, and social media guru. She has a passion for activism and motivating her peers to be relentless in the face of adversity. You can stay up-to-date with her latest work at and follow her on Instagram @aliciaalexis