The Ultimate Tools You Need to Pay off Your Student Debt


By Khadejah Stegall

Khadejah is a part of the TLC College Ambassador Program and a recent graduate of North Carolina A&T University.

You finally graduated and now you are in the real world with real bills and it’s almost time to start paying off your student loans. It’s important to be aware of necessary tools to use so you can stay updated on your current balance and due date for payments. Missing student loan payments can hurt your credit so it’s best to have a strategy in place to tackle Sallie Mae. Here are some necessary tools you should have to make your life of adulting a bit easier.

Student Loan Calculator

The first step to paying off your student loan is creating a realistic plan to see how much you are actually able to contribute monthly. A calculator is a basic tool to have to see how long it will take you to pay off a loan based on your balance, interest rate, current income and the repayment plan you choose. Once you play around with numbers, see what will be the best plan for you and the season you are currently in.

Student Loan Hero

If you need ways to cut down the amount of money you spend on your loans, Student Loan Hero is a great foolproof tool to use. You can sync all of your loans together and it has tons of resources to help you manage your debt, calculators, and will let you see how much you’d save if you refinanced. If you want to see the smartest way to handle your debt, Student Loan Hero is a tool worth your time.

If you just took multiple loans from different lenders to get through college and need to see all of them in one place, has you covered. Similar to mint, it’s easy to use and you can organize all of your loans instead of logging in to different lenders’ sites. With this method, you can see what you owe for each lender without forgetting.


If you want to start trying to manage your finances better and keep track of all of your bills, Mint is a great first app to try out. You can link all of your accounts into one platform. This includes bills, student loans, debit/credit cards, bank accounts and any other account you have to pay money to. They remind you when a bill is due and gives you a weekly summary of where your money went for the week. If you spent too much money on eating out during the week, Mint will surely notify you that you went over your budget. You can access Mint from your mobile phone or computer.

Google Docs Spreadsheet

Although there are great money management apps out there, it doesn’t hurt to type out all of your bills on a spreadsheet so you can have an idea of how much your monthly expenses are. This is helpful for your personal use so you can see your student loan bills on top of other bills and prioritize which bill is your biggest monthly expense. Once you have this organized, you can transfer the information into an automated application.

Managing Sallie Mae doesn’t have to be difficult if you create a strategy on how you want to attack her. There are free resources out there to help you so educate yourself for free first with the necessary tools to use so you become closer to living debt-free. If you need additional assistance, seek help from a financial advisor and don’t be afraid to go to your university’s financial aid department or local bank.

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