Side Hustles You Can Start Right Now in College

By Khadejah Stegall

Khadejah is a part of the TLC College Ambassador Program and attends North Carolina A&T University.

Being a broke college student is no fun. It can be hard to manage school and a job that requires many hours when you are already trying to manage 15 credit hours, maintain a social life and get enough rest. Here are some side hustles you can start right now in college that won’t take over your life and gives you the option to create your own hours.

Become a Tutor

Are you good at math? Great at editing papers? You can tutor as a side hustle to bring in some income. There should be a department that hires tutors or you can create your own business and offer tutoring services. If you do not want to tutor college students, there should be plenty of kids in the surrounding area that could use a tutor from elementary to high school.

Sell Your Trash for Treasure

Do you have a lot of clothes that you don’t wear? Sell them! You can create a store using Poshmark and sell some of your clothes to earn cash. If you enjoy creating crafts, consider selling items on Etsy. 

Offer Cleaning Services

There are so many busy college students that do not have the time to clean or simply don’t care about cleaning up their room. Create your own cleaning business where you charge an hourly or flat rate to clean dorm rooms.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

If you have a car, Uber and Lyft is a great way to earn extra cash. You can create your own hours and take breaks whenever you want. If you live in a major city like New York or Chicago, you are guaranteed to make some good money with Uber or Lyft as a side hustle. 

Offer Babysitting or Petsitting Services

You can earn great money babysitting and busy parents are always looking for a trustworthy babysitter. If you are having trouble finding kids to babysit, request to join a local mom group on Facebook in the city you are in and advertise you are offering babysitting services. Many people go out of town and don’t want to leave their dog in an expensive hotel. Petsitting can also get you a few extra bucks in your wallet. 

Start a Business Based on Your Own Skills

Are good at doing hair? Great at being a DJ? Create a business out of it! It’s time to start trusting your skill to make some extra money. Although you may not have a passion for a skill you have, it’s great to put it to use.

Consider Work Study

Although work study is usually organized at the beginning of a semester, work study gives you the convenience of working on campus and they usually work around your schedule. Visit your financial aid office and ask them if you are eligible for work study.

Remember what you came to college for, but enjoy the journey by starting a side hustle to get you through!

Khadejah Stegall is a college mommy blogger that inspires others to achieve the impossible through the power of Jesus. She enjoys family time, eating vegan meals when it's convenient and mentoring others on professional development. To be inspired by more post, follow her blog at