How a Children's Book Author Realized Her Purpose and Started to Walk in It

How a Children's Book Author Realized Her Purpose and Started to Walk in It

By Khadejah Stegall

Khadejah is a part of the TLC College Ambassador Program and a recent graduate of North Carolina A&T University.

The truth is sometimes we know our purpose but society tells us different. Life hits, bills get real and it’s easier to just give up on our dream and do what we have to do to survive. The Life Currency interviewed children’s book author Brianna Lauren on her new book Breebe’s Brand New Baby Brother. Brianna formerly worked for the North Carolina A&T SU Athletics Department but recognized that writing feeds her soul and she hopes to ignite a love for learning within each of her readers. Brianna talks about making her book idea come to life, discovering her passion for writing and the struggle she had publishing her book.

 Q: What is your book about and what lessons does it touch on? 

A: My book, Breebe’s Brand New Baby Brother, is about Breebe learning the ups and downs of becoming an older sibling. I believe the lessons that children will take away are how to adjust to change and how fun and important it is to share.

Q: A lot of people come up with ideas, but it stops there. When you came up with the idea to write a book, what were the steps you took to make your vision come to life? 

A: I first wrote it down on my “100 goals” list. Putting it on paper made it more real to me. Next, I wrote down my idea for the book and what I wanted kids to get from it. Then I wrote the book, which was pretty easy since it’s based on myself and my little brother. I read over it and worked on it everyday until it was just right. The key to making my vision come to life was remaining focused, consistent and motivated.

Q: What did you want to do before you started writing books? 

A: I worked for a college football team, I loved it and I thought I’d be working in athletics for the rest of my life. After ten years I just wasn’t fulfilled, so I turned to my first love, writing.

Q: How does it feel to do something that you really love and how did you discover you had a passion for this?

A: It’s hard to describe but imagine you’ve been driving for hours trying to figure out where you’re going and then somehow you figure it out and you know for sure you’re going in the right direction. I was lost for a long time trying to figure out what I wanted to do and now I’ve found my purpose and it’s just really amazing. I discovered my passion for writing at a young age but I neglected it to pursue more “realistic” things in life.

Q: What advice would you give to someone else who is thinking about publishing their first book?

A: The best advice is “just write it”. A lot of times we overthink things and there are so many excuses that we give for not getting started. Write the book and worry about the other stuff later.

Q: What challenges did you have when publishing your first book?

A: The main challenge I had was staying focused. My thinking is always all over the place because I have so many ideas and I want to do them all at once. My publisher is a young black woman, Ashley Graham. I sent her my second draft for the book and immediately after reading it, she said, “I love this, we need to publish it!”.

Q: What is next for you on your journey as an author?

A: I have written so many children’s books. I will be publishing the next one probably before the end of 2018. I’m also working on doing narrations for books so that will be my next endeavor.

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