Ways To Make Money During The Summer

Wats to Make Money During the Summer

By Tishawna Williams

Tishawna is a part of the TLC College Ambassador Program and attends North Carolina A&T University.

Summer is full of fun activities and some of these events require money. Since summer will be here soon, you probably want advice on how to put some extra cash in your wallet. Here are a few different ways you can make money during from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

1. One way is to take advantage of the travel season. You may know a family in need of a house or pet sitter. Watching over someone’s house can vary in involvement. You may be asked to drop in once a day to water plants or even spend a couple of nights to watch a pet. You can make pretty good money depending on your availability. There are some online services that cater to those with pet experience. You can also let your local community know you are available this summer. Dog walking can also keep you active.

2. Babysit! If you’re not a fan of pets, babysitting is another great way to make extra cash in the summer. Offer to watch your neighbors’ kids to give them a night off or even ask your family members if they need someone to watch your younger cousins or nieces and nephews for a few coins in your pocket.

3. If you are more of an outdoors person, yard work is an effective way to stay fit and earn a great amount of money. Chances are there are people within your community who are unable to take care of their lawn. They most likely will be willing to pay you once or twice a week to weed, water and rake their yard. Try printing off flyers and posting them in your local grocery stores or even posting an ad on Craigslist.

4. We all have items in our home we don’t use anymore. Clean out that garage or closet and sell some items either via a yard sale or online on a site like eBay or Poshmark. Selling things is an easy way to put some money in your pocket. You can even find consignment stores that will take your gently worn clothes.

5. If you have a vehicle, being an Uber or Lyft driver is an efficient way to earn extra cash. You get to choose your own hours and it gives you motive to get out of the house for a bit. The Uber app provides information if the person you drop off is still in the area for your safety. The great thing about Uber is the flexibility and sometimes you receive tips which puts a little extra money in your pocket.

These are just a few suggestions on how to make money during the summer. Social media can also play a big role in your job search. Remember, there is money to be made everywhere.