5 Ways To Make It Work With Bae In College

Lauren Naefe / Stocksy

Lauren Naefe / Stocksy

By Khadejah Stegall

Khadejah is a part of the TLC College Ambassador Program and attends North Carolina A&T University.

College itself is sometimes stressful. Here are a few tips to find balance while dating your college boo.

We all imagine how our college life is supposed to be. Making great grades, going to parties and taking romantic walks with your boo. This may all sound great until your work oad gets hectic and your free time is taken up by campus organizations you are involved in. While it is hard to be “Jack or Jill of all Trades,” there are ways to prioritize so that you can have a great school/life balance with your significant other. Here are five tips to make it work so you can successfully thrive in your studies and your relationship.

1. If his or her goals are not high, tell them bye.

This is the first thing you want to make sure. If you are heavily involved in campus and your girl/boyfriend isn’t, they won’t understand why you are so busy. They may just want to cuddle and “get by” in college. If you date someone who has the same mindset as you, they will understand that you are trying to be great and will cheer you on when you get overwhelmed. If his or her goals are not high, it may be time to say goodbye and move on.

2. Go on study dates

Make sure you get your work done, but if you go on study dates, you are spending time with your loved one AND getting work crossed off of your to-do list. A library is a good place to go so you two can stay focused. Study dates will help both of you talk about your day and decompress before you prepare for the following day. Hold each other accountable for when an assignment needs to be done so you both will stay on track.

3. Agree on a set number of dates for the month

Just like you need time to focus away from bae, you need time with him or her. Spending time together to rekindle the relationship will remind you why you dated them in the first place.

4. Over-communicate

Communication is important in every relationship. If you are not able to meet up because you have a heavy courseload or if you need some time to yourself, you should tell your significant other that. Be honest if you are tired or overwhelmed from school but be fair and objective to your partner.

5. Be accepting

Accept the fact that sometimes you may just have to miss out on seeing bae for the day and remember that you came to school to get an education and not find a husband, although that would be great. Once you accept that things are going to happen out of your control, you become a lot happier.

Whether you have a relationship or not in college, self-love is important. Knowing your worth and using your time wisely is invaluable.

Khadejah Stegall is a college mommy blogger that inspires others to achieve the impossible through the power of Jesus. She enjoys family time, eating vegan meals when it's convenient and mentoring others on professional development. To be inspired by more post, follow her blog at khadejahstegall.com.