6 Ways to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone in College

Victor Torres / Stocksy

Victor Torres / Stocksy

By: Khadejah Stegall

Khadejah is a part of the TLC College Ambassador Program and attends North Carolina A&T University.

College is a place where you grow and find yourself. It can be easy to get into a normal routine and let time pass by. College is one of the most precious times of your life, but how can you take advantage and step outside of your comfort zone if you are shy? Stepping outside of your comfort zone can boost your confidence and open new doors for you.

Here are six ways you can do it.

1. Join a student-run organization or group

Are you passionate about a social cause? There are many organizations on campus that you can be a part of. It’s great to be around people who are passionate about the same causes you care about. Maybe you want to be a volunteer at a breast cancer event or help welcome new students to the campus in fall. It’s a great way to meet other people and give back to your school and the community.

2. Tutor or mentor a local kid

The best gift you could ever give someone is giving back what you have learned. Mentoring local kids in the community is great because you could be a child’s only hope to a better future. It is empowering to see someone who looks like them flourish in college. Every kid needs a role model.

3. Introduce yourself to strangers

Sounds basic, but a simple “hello,” can take you far. If you walk around closed in and trying to be a perfectionist, you won’t be approachable. Meeting others can expand your network and create a comfortable environment for you by getting to know more people on your campus.

4. Volunteer for organizations

Organizations are a great way to step outside of your comfort zone because you interact with different people from around the world while working on the same mission of the organization. You spend time together in meetings and at community events which is a great way to build relationships.

5. Run for a leadership position

If you want to really step outside of your comfort zone, running for a leadership position could build your resume and leadership skills. You don’t have to run for a position where you are the face of everything. You can be a secretary, historian or vice president of an organization. This will build your social skills and show you how to work with a team, which is what many companies look at when they are hiring.

6. Study Abroad

To take it to another level, studying education in a different country is a life-changing experience. You will see the world from a different perspective and learn how to immerse in a different culture. Also, there are many scholarships and resources to take advantage of to fund your experience.

No matter how much fun you are having in college, there are always ways to spice up your experience!

Khadejah Stegall is a college mommy blogger that inspires others to achieve the impossible through the power of Jesus. She enjoys family time, eating vegan meals when it's convenient and mentoring others on professional development. To be inspired by more post, follow her blog at khadejahstegall.com.