The Secrets to a Great Resume


By Tishawna Williams

Tishawna is a part of the TLC College Ambassador Program and attends North Carolina A&T University.

Having a well-written resume is extremely important. Your resume is the first expression employers will have of you. A resume tells your prospective employer a lot about you including what you have done, where you are headed and what you want to accomplish. Although that seems like a lot to tell, the story needs to be quick and clean.

Employers typically give resumes a quick glance before deciding if it's worth any more attention or if it gets tossed in the trash. Your resume needs to be professional and share bullet points on the accomplishments of your career (or internship) history. If it is good enough, the employer might reach out to you for an interview.

The sole purpose of a resume is to get an interview. The employer reviews your resume to get to know you better. The resume can be the key to new opportunities and it can also cause you to lose opportunities. You want to make sure everything on your resume is accurate. Resume templates are a helpful tool when trying to create a great resume. Resume Genius offers great templates and you can even utilize the ones included with Microsoft Word.

It is helpful to always have an adequate resume on file and to constantly update it. Opportunities can be presented at any given moment which is why your resume should be readily accessible and accurate. We also suggest asking a mentor or friend to take a look at your resume after you’ve written it to get valuable feedback.

A superior resume can open doors and provide you with a sense of security because you know that you have represented yourself in the best possible manner. The benefits of a great resume easily outweigh any obstacles that may arise with writing and perfecting your resume.