Why It's OK to Take a Break


By Marissa Marshall

You're in college, and there’s a million things going onL you have class, you have work and you're trying to build your resume, all the while being involved. We’ve all been there before.

It’s an overwhelming feeling and often I have had to take a step back and just take a breather. Many of us have the tendency to be overinvolved and take on so many tasks that we don’t even have time for ourselves. For me, the moment I feel as if I’m not doing enough, I take on more tasks when in reality I don’t need to. I have four classes, three jobs, one internship,and I am involved in multiple clubs. I’m always telling other people about the importance of not taking on too many things at once because you’ll end up stressed and overwhelmed. I am a living testimony of that.

I fear that if I don’t partake in all the things I do that I won’t reach my goals. I’m so consumed in attaining success that I forget how young I truly am (20) and that I have time. That I need to just be a college student and take time for myself because once I am out of college, there’s no turning back to that reality. Granted, it’s wonderful to be involved and be eager to reach your goals, but overworking yourself is never the answer. You have to have a balance. Being able to relax and have a day off here and there is ok. Don’t let people make you think otherwise.

Once you get in the habit of having too many things going on, your personal health and well-being can plummet which means your eating habits aren’t as good, you’re not getting enough sleep, and you don’t have time to do things you might enjoy, such as going out with your friends, reading a book or exploring the city. You don’t want to be grouchy and so exhausted you have no room or energy to do anything else. Again, I experience this reality. It’s no one's fault and I’ve made a lot of shifts to where I can enjoy myself more often.

You don’t want to regret your time in college so be sure to enjoy it. Take a breather and relax, and everything will be OK. You can be involved, take classes and work, but you can still enjoy yourself and have a good time. Find balance and make sure you are treating yourself well. Self-care is important so don’t neglect yourself by thinking you have to do everything that you come face to face with. While college is about progression, experience, learning and being involved, it’s also supposed to be one of the best times of your life. Make the best of it while you can!

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