Navigating Life’s Transitional Moments


By Marissa Marshall

It’s your freshman year of college. You’re away from home on your own and embarking on a new journey. You’re going through one of the most prominent transitional moments of your life, the transition of going from high school to college. With this transition, many freshmen in college experience things like homesickness, feeling lost and unsure of what to do, or just uncomfortable in the new setting. This is normal, and it won't be easy for anyone. You’re going to miss your family, friends, and the setting you were in for probably a majority of your life, but here are a few tips on how to deal with this transition and other transitional moments in life.

Don’t be Hard On Yourself

Transitions aren’t an easy thing and it doesn’t take a week to get adjusted.Take the time you need to get adjusted and remember that you’re new to this. A lot of people tend to think something is wrong with them because it has taken them awhile to get adjusted, while other people caught the wave early. We’re all different though and everyone handles these types of situations in a different manner.

Stay In Touch

Stay in touch with your family and friends back home, but this doesn’t mean 24/7, all day everyday. That will make your transition much harder than need be. Talk to them on a regular basis, but give yourself enough distance to grow on your own. Otherwise, you will miss the people back home and home in general more than you already do. This is a time for you to really learn to navigate on your own, and try to figure out some things without calling back home every time you need something.

Get Involved & Make New Friends

One of the worst things you can do when first entering your first year of college is staying in your dorm and not getting involved. Getting involved helps you stay engaged and gives you something to do beyond just school. It also enhances your opportunity to meet new people who can eventually become friends you spend time with at school. Keeping yourself isolated only reassures the fact that you’re away from home and limits your opportunity to experience the college life. College is about getting involved, participating, meeting new people and learning new things. Take advantage of the resources on your campus and the people who are there.

Talk to Others Who are Going Through What You Are

Most likely, ninety-nine percent of other students going through the exact same transition you are. Finding common ground with others is one of the best ways to deal with things you are unfamiliar with. You can exchange ideas on what they’re doing and how they are navigating through this transition. People love to talk to others who are experiencing similar things as them. It also helps to know that you aren’t alone which eases the emotions of being in this new place.

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