Why College Is Worth the Cost


By Denver Regine Lark

Denver is a part of the TLC College Ambassador Program and attends North Carolina A&T University.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been told that college is an expensive investment. An investment that will offer endless opportunities and possibilities if it is taken full advantage of in the greatest ways. This means more than having an excellent GPA but also taking part in extracurricular activities and staying one step ahead of your goals like doing your research on internships, co-ops, etc. These opportunities will benefit you and are essential to advancing within your career. Experience is key!

You will not have these experiences or opportunities if you do not attend college. College is the foundation that teaches us how to work effectively in whichever career field we chose. Now whether you decide to be successful in your career is all up to your choosing. College is not free or cheap. Whether the money is coming directly out of your pocket or not, someone is paying for your college education.

College offers an education as well as opportunities and experiences like no other. From the faculty and staff that have optimal experience to the resources and networking connections, why would anyone not take advantage of this? Is it the financial burden or is it simply that they do not want to take advantage of it? Yes, college can be extremely expensive, especially private and out-of-state universities, but consider the benefits. The high interest rates loan and debt will be well worth it when you can easily cut a nice check once you have that well-paying job.

When asking yourself “Is college worth the cost,” consider elements like new experiences and friends you can possibly make. For instance, let’s consider “The HBCU Experience”. It is one like no other especially for African-Americans as it feels like a home away from home. College is more than receiving a degree but lifelong lessons that will shape you as a young adult and throughout your life.

Besides the academics at North Carolina A&T State University where I attend school, I’ve already begun to make lifelong friends that I have had amazing experiences with. Simple experiences like moving in with a total stranger and “going through the motions” of college has been very eye-opening. Where else can you grow with someone in four or more of the most shaping years of your life? College is where you learn how to live on your own emotionally, physically, mentally, and most of all financially. College is where many become young adults and realize so much not only about themselves but the world. They learn that your parents isn’t your alarm clock in the morning or no one cares whether you attend class or not because you’ve paid. College isn’t “mandatory” like high school is, it’s completely optional.

Of course, there are cons like stress and homesickness but the reward at the end is well worth the trials and tribulations. This is the mindset a lot of people must gain. Let’s say no one went to college. Would the world have ever advanced from what it was 200 years ago to what it is today? Not all! The revolutionary advances we know of began at colleges and universities, and higher education is essential to life as we all know it. Despite the expensive investment, college will offer an award greater than any other.

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