Hiring Manager Series: Viacom Recruiter Tells Us What's Really Needed On A Resume And What's Not

Do recruiters really care if you have an objective or your address on your resume? Can a spelling error really make a bad impression and get your resume tossed? The Life Currency asked Viacom Recruiting Associate Essence Dashtaray the truth about mistakes she commonly sees on resumes and what’s really essential for this important document.

#AskAHiringManager: Getting a Recruiter to Notice You When You Don't Have a Traditional Major

Are you thinking about switching industries, but have no experience in that field at all? How can you stand out among applicants who have what companies are looking for?

Aeshia DeVore Branch, Founder of Pretty Girls Sweat, On Why She Wants To Make “Eating Healthy and Staying Fit The New Norm”

Aeshia DeVore Branch had a mission in mind when she created her socially driven media platform Pretty Girls Sweat: to help decrease high rates of obesity among youth by making fitness fun.